Description of the project

EuroInkaNet is an International Cooperation Project granted within Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Programme that comprises a group of 20 excellent Higher Education Institutions in both Europe and Latin American.

The 7 EU and 13 Latin American have established a consortium partnership aiming towards the development of a mobility programme between regions in several training, research and administration levels within a broad range of academic areas.

The project foresees a total of 182 academic exchanges including undergraduate, masters, doctorate, post-doctorate and staff participants for the grants supported by the European Commission.

Scholarships shall cover expenses for travel, international insurance, tuition fee waivers and a monthly allowance according to the training level.

As main objectives for EuroInkaNet project, there are:

  • To enhance capacity for international cooperation in Higher Education
  • To facilitate knowledge transfer and best practices
  • To promote an international training cooperation for future researchers in both regions and ultimately a social-economical added value impact in Latin America
  • To foster intercultural understanding and cooperation between Latin America and European
  • To enhance recognition of credits and studies among partner institutions